Greyhawk CG-5

Greyhawk CG-5


//Major Mikeal…//
//Log # 134//

I entered the main control room. Two mercs from earlier had taken the wheel. I told them to put in the coordinates and put it on auto-pilot. What was left of us all met in the hanger bay.

“listen up, we are going to a hive world. At this hive world we will meet up with Sgt. McGregor and his squad. I’m not sure what McGregor is doing there, but we will do all we can do to help” I barked

Olaf nodded and the rest of the crew all agreed.

“Check this ship for something of use, I know a lot of you don’t have weapons and I know that hive worlds are very compact.” I ordered.

We emidently got to work. We spotted a lot of UN marked crates. But behind all of them lay a steel crate, hidden from view. We noticed the engraved Greyhawk symbol on the lid. We opened it, only to find what we needed. Seems like greyhawk, as usual, was one step ahead of us. It sometimes creeps me out that they know these things. Inside was a compact SMG, Still a decent caliber though. Imprinted on the reciever was CS-5.

After about an hour or so we reached the LZ. I could see the massive towers that hive worlds are known for. We started to hear the faint plink of rounds against the hull. To any new grunt, this would be frightening. But for me it was as normal as rain. I was greeted by a preppy UN grunt.

“Good evening Major” he said as he saluted me.

“follow me” he said as he walked away.

It was perfectionists like this that I tried to avoid. He led us into a bunker. I could here shelling outside. Dust fell from the ceiling after every round. He led us into a large room surrounded with computer screens and tech grunts. I guess this was the com room that sophie talked to me from.

“Wait here, they should be with you guys shortly” he said.

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