Greek swords – Replicated efficiently in various shapes

Greek swords – Replicated efficiently in various shapes

When we think about swords, an image of sharp bladed, long weapon comes to our mind. But these are the swords that we usually see today. If we talk historically, then various small length swords were also there in ancient periods. The swords were originated in the ancient ages. These were crafted by hands at that time by the sword makers.

The Spartan swords played a huge role in Greek history. The warriors from Greece used Spartan swords to fight their battles. These Greek swords were known as the most effective war weapon for the soldiers. A high level of focus and skills were needed by the soldiers to fight using these swords. The Spartan shield and swords were the major weapons used by every warrior.

The ancient Greeks used weapons that had curved blades. These swords had the blades which were curved downwards. The swords were best to escalate the battle against the opponent. This weapon was framed to be used by one hand. There were other fighters also who preferred straight shaped swords.

Some of the swords of that time period looked identical to the knives. The Makhaira was a Greek sword that looks similar to a large knife. Like most of the swords, it also had a curved blade. Makhaira is a Greek word which means a curved and an edged sword. This weapon was used not only by the Greek warriors but this was also used by the warriors from other places.

One can collect these beautiful swords to get in touch with the history. But before starting the collection of swords, you should ensure that you have enough storage space to store them. You have to take care of the safety and maintenance of the swords. There are some other precautions also which you can undertake to take proper care of these ancient items. The various Greek swords can make your collection more attractive.

Some of the ancient swords were used by the soldiers as a secondary warfare weapon. They were used by the ancient warriors of Greece. Such swords came into existence around 800 BC to 146 BC. Xiphos sword is one of the examples of these swords.

The blade length of a Xiphos sword is about 50-60 Centimeters. However, many other sharp edged swords were used by the warriors during the Greco Persian Wars. Those swords varied from some short bladed weapons to some large bladed weapons. Xiphos swords from Greece were mainly used for hurting the enemies badly during the wars.

The design and shape of these swords worked highly in the favor of the fighters. The design and the shape of these swords hasn’t modified at all. These swords are made exactly like the original model of Xiphos.

The blades of these swords were made up of Bronze. Sometimes Iron was also used to craft the swords. These materials were used to give higher reliability to the warrior during the battle time. These materials are softer than steel that is why it was easier for the sword smiths to craft the swords in any required shapes.

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