GPU Intel740 FW82740 (AGP) – ASUS AGP-V2740TV

GPU Intel740 FW82740 (AGP) - ASUS AGP-V2740TV

An ASUS video card which came from a PC clone (AT) running on a Pentium 3 450MHz slot-1 CPU. (This one has TV-out.) The desktop itself was left in my care back in 2002; the owner resigned from work and never came back for his machine. So I took it home and used it for a while. But then I got my own Pentium 4 machine, so the old lost desktop has been collecting dust in my house ever since. Unlike the older video "accelerators" you see here, I’m selling this card for P300.

Posted by _DBug_ on 2007-12-03 15:53:07