Good Mail Day Swap!

Good Mail Day Swap!

Things to make me happy: mail and nutella!

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Foods you like, despise, can’t eat (allergies, etc.):

I am a huge salty/sweet fan, pretty much to the exclusion of other things these days. I’ve noticed that I’m heading more firmly into the salt camp with each passing year, nutella being a notable exception. I hate licorice and coffee (more for you!). Coconut is gross, but cilantro is the best!

Coffee vs. tea? Do you have a favorite kind?

Tea! I love all kinds, except green tea, which is the Devil’s Own Drink. I love spicy, flavored teas, and drink tea every morning. I prefer loose to bagged, but will drink either. I use honey and milk in my teas.

Where do you live? (climate, big city/small town, etc.)

This is such a funny question these days. I "live" just outside of DC, in a little apartment I share with a lovely roommate. My sweet husband lives in Philadelphia; we commute between the two cities. We’re doing this because I got my dream job, and I know it’s not a permanent thing (the housing, that is. the job is permanent!) but I feel like I live in my college room. I am generally a pretty settled person, so living in this sort of limbo makes me a little crazy.

Favorite yarns / fabrics? Any yarn you want to try but haven’t yet?

I love to knit and to quilt. I have tried my hand at garment sewing, and I’m still learning. My sewing machines are living in Philadelphia for the moment, since there’s not really space in my apartment, but I am knitting a lot. I love Sundara, MadTosh, Fiberphile, and Rowan. I also really like workhorse wools, like Cascade and Ella Rae. In addition to making lots of sweaters, I have also gotten into accessories lately, which is fun! I have made a lot of lace, but tend to avoid a true laceweight: too fine for me.

Crafty pursuits – knit, crochet, spin, sew, quilt, embroider, make friendship bracelets, any of these or others?

I knit a lot, sew as much as I can, and would love to learn to embroider or cross stitch. I’m looking for things I can do that require minimum setup, since I am renting a room, and most of my crafting supplies are temporarily in a different place than I am.

Hobbies/pursuits/proclivities/passions (other than the aforementioned crafty ones, obvs)

I cook and bake a lot, especially since I have champagne tastes and a beer budget. I bake my own bread religiously, and eat a lot of soup in the fall and winter. I think about running, and love to read. I listen to a lot of NPR and audiobooks, and love the NYT crossword. I have an iPad, and enjoy reading on that.

What do you do in life? (job, career, school, family, etc.)

I’m married to an awesome fellow, even though we aren’t living together right now. I work for a small museum as their collections manager, which means I care for all the objects in the museum. The museum focuses on women’s rights and suffrage, so I have all the banners associated with the protests of the early 20th century, among many other things, in my office. I love, love, love my job. I have a great kitty who is camping with my husband in our Philadelphia apartment, and grew up on a farm. Fuzzy animals make me happy.

What makes you happy?

Punsir, yarn, salty food, potatoes, history books, progressive politics, massages, naps, cool weather, margaritas, fresh flowers, cashmere sweaters, silk scarves, flannel sheets, down quilts, funky tights, pencil skirts, high heels, fresh flowers, old books, new movies, Liz Lemon, Harry Potter, celebrity gossip, pop music.

What (if any!) fall holidays do you celebrate? Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Black Friday? How do you celebrate, if you do?

Thanksgiving! I love food. In a way that is probably unhealthy, but I have never met a butter based thing I didn’t want to eat. Halloween I can take or leave, since I’m not as much of a candy eater as I used to be (if you could trick or treat for cheese, I would be game). My Mom and I both have birthdays in November, which is always fun. Downer alert: My grandfather passed away on Black Friday in 2003, so it’s a very sad day. He was fantastic and I miss him.

Do you blog? Tweet? Pin? Please share URLs and/or handles!

I blog at, mostly about knitting, but occasionally about sewing or other things. It’s largely a craft blog. I am on Ravelry as WryPunster, and tweet as AgentElspeth. I realy love Twitter, since I work in a very quiet profession; Twitter gives me the public interaction that I crave without my having to actually interact with people. I am on Pinterest as AgentElspeth, where I mostly pin things I want to stick in my face or stick on my face.

Random favorites — colors, flavors, scents, books, movies, TV, magazines, genres, time of day, motifs (foxes, bees, squirrels, owls, beavers, mushrooms, bats), etc.

Floral scents! Living without Punsir, I’ve been enjoying rose/lilac/gardenia/fresia candles. I like to think of my little room as a Girly Paradise, which has been kind of fun. I love jewel tones, and colors that are slightly faded or dusty. I prefer cool colors to warm colors. I watch a lot of TV on my computer, including Breaking Bad, Dexter, Girls, Homeland, True Blood, any of the Masterpieces, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec. I prefer things that are sweetly satirical, like 30 Rock, rather than things that are awkwardly funny, like Curb Your Enthusiasm (do. not. like.).

I love trashy magazines, like People and Vanity Fair ( fun fact! I dated the editor’s son while we were in high school). I love the Arts and Crafts period, as well as Byzantine and Greco-Roman motifs. I have gotten really into cosmetics and nail polish- the darker and vampier, the better! I love blacks, grays, blues, greens, etc., and really enjoy those sorts of girly things. My communal bathtub does not lend itself to bubble baths, which makes me sad, since I’m a huge fan of that sort of thing otherwise. I like stationary, sheer scarves, cookbooks (especially since most of mine are in Philly these days), fountain pens, botanical jewelry, and puns.


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