Give Your House A Facelift With ‘eco-friendly’ Led Light Bulb

Give Your House A Facelift With ‘eco-friendly’ Led Light Bulb

“Save your wealth against future calamity.” We often come across this famous quote, but hardly realize its inner meaning. What future holds for us is unknown! Yet we can make ourselves ready for any future calamity by saving our wealth. But with the present state of economy not really in favor, coupled with high market price, its a ‘tough’ job for a common man. Hence, its time you check your domestic energy consumption. Try to reduce your domestic energy usage by choosing led light bulb instead of the incandescent varieties. That way, you will have less amount to pay in your annual electricity bill and could save the extra fund for future. This will also help conserve electricity to some extent, which means less fossil fuel usage and hence, a more greener planet!

Recent studies on the increasing usage of LED bulbs in traffic signals in the U.S have indicated the cost-efficiency of led bulbs over its predecessor, the incandescent  varieties. It has been found that while an average red traffic light containing 196 LEDs draw only 10W of electric power, its incandescent counterpart consumes 150W. Hence, the energy saved with LEDs is about 93 percent compared to its former. Moreover, another research indicates that, on replacing 260,000 red traffic signal lights in the U.S with led bulbs, it would be sufficient to save 2.5 billion kWh of energy!  

Led bulbs have several advantages over its incandescent counterpart. Firstly, LEDs are ‘eco-friendly’. As mentioned before, these tiny light emitting diodes produce an amount of carbon which is much less than ordinary incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Even halogen vapor lamps that are commonly used in street lighting, are finding a better replacement, with LEDs coming into the spotlight.

A technical data shows that a single LED light bulb produce about ’90 to 112 lumen of energy per watt’. This  helps in reducing the atmospheric carbon dioxide as well. In other words, using led lights is an effective way of fighting global warming!

Again, led lights are dimmable. This means that the brightness of dimmable led bulbs can be controlled externally without switching it off or replacing it with another bulb of lower watt power. This is surely a move over the traditional non-dimmable incandescent varieties. LEDs help to save energy as well as protect your eyes with its soothing elegance.

With such benefits of led light bulb, it is high time to adopt this unique ‘eco-friendly’ product for home or business establishments. While selecting the best LED products, that’s fairly priced, get in touch with a reputed supplier.



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