Getting the right price for your conservatory

Getting the right price for your conservatory

 If you are looking at buying yourself a new conservatory, no doubt you will have been give a large number of differing conservatories prices. This can be confusing and you might be asking yourself exactly how can the cost of one company differ from another so drastically.  There are a variety of factors which can affect the price such as materials used in the building process, size of company etc.  Taking this into account what’s the way to get the correct mix of quality and price?

 The finest way of getting as close to an accurate price as possible is to contact 3 different firms giving them the exact same specs on each enquiry.  It is vital to get exactly the same quote because a slight difference in specifications could lead to a change in materials or length or time it takes to complete.

If you have done this and each of your uPVC conservatories prices are in the same sort of range, this would appear to be a fair representation of what you are likely to spend. Reliable businesses like to keep up with the competition so quite often their prices will all be fairly similar.

If one company is a lot cheaper than the rest, this isnt necessarily a good sign. When confirming this quote make sure they have factored in every aspect of the job in the same way the other companies have. Is everything included in the quote or do they expect you to arrange some parts of the job yourself? Some companies may expect you to pay extra for electrical work or laying the base of the conservatory. Dont be quick to accept their quote just because it is the cheapest.

 Make sure that the company is not cutting costs by employing unskilled cheap labour as opposed to skilled professionals. This is a job worth doing right and can lead to further costs if there are mistakes or corners cut along the way.

 If a number of quotes are all a similar price, you should go on the reputation of the company. It’s recommended to check out previous customers testimonials to get an idea of what the company are like.

 Do some research into what materials they will be using and to what standards the materials are. When dealing with uPVC conservatories make sure the wall and roof units are reinforced. Is the glass toughened or does the roof glass come with a solar coating to minimize the effects of the sun?

Doing your research into conservatories and double glazing prices is vital, but you need to also research the companies reputation and what sort of guarantees you have in the event that something goes wrong.

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