From the ashes a fire shall be woken

From the ashes a fire shall be woken

In Tengwar.
Tengwar Annatar Italic
Tengwar Parmaite

"I astollon nárë eccoitaina nauva,
Cala i lumbëllon tuiuva;"
asto – dust
-llon – from; plural ablative case ending (replaces nominative plural of a noun)
nárë – flame
nauva – will be
eccoita- – awake; PP eccoitaina (awoken)
cala – light
lumbë – shadow, gloom
tuia- – spring, sprout; future tuiuva

"Uin lith naur echuiatha,
Calad uin dae tuiatha;"
uin – from the, of the (o+i)
lith, plural lith – ash
naur – flame, fire
*echuia- awake; future tense echuiatha; deduced from echui – awakening
calad – light
dae, pl. dae – shadow
tuia- – spring, sprout, swell; future tuiatha

If you want to request something, please send me a message, don’t ask in the comments as I’ll most likely miss it then.
And if possible, tell me the font you’d prefer to have, otherwise you’ll get my standard fonts, Tengwar Annatar Italic and Tengwar Parmaite.

Please be aware that Tengwar is just a script, not a language. If you want actual Elven words, ask for a Quenya (High-Elven) or Sindarin (Grey-Elven) translation (including Tengwar).

Btw, I expect a minimum of politeness from requesters. You know, say "hi" and maybe even "please" because you want me to help you and all that…. and it’s free, so being polite shouldn’t be too much to ask.

For all those that would like to give something in return for my free service:
I am in no desparate need of money, so if you’d like to repay this in a way, how about donating whatever you can spare to a charity of your choice (e.g. a homeless shelter or animal rescue in your area)? That way your gratitude goes to someone who really needs it.

NOTE: If you would rather not have your request published for everyone to see (and use), please say so, and I’ll do an upload for friends only (and add you as a friend, of course, so you can see it). Such images will be deleted (and stored offline) after a while, so make sure to save it on your computer then.

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