Flexible White Glue And Flexible Transparent Pulp Stage Leading The Trend – White Glue, Transparent

Flexible White Glue And Flexible Transparent Pulp Stage Leading The Trend – White Glue, Transparent
In the printing process, the mortar is essential supplies. Flexible white glue and paste in the printing process of flexible transparent play their different roles, but also reflects their different results. The following of this series went on to see several different flexible white glue and paste it flexible and transparent.

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Environmental flexibility white glue 580 NO.1 Elastic transparent paste 588

Green Flexible white glue 580 Environmentally friendly flexible transparent pulp 588

This product is imported raw materials and formulation research and development of the high grade glue, and its compliance with international standards for formaldehyde content (excluding printing is not suitable for young children alone outside of Japan), the products are widely used in various high-quality prints mainly used in Japan and Europe and the United States of adult green printing a single export.

One trait 1,580 mortar appearance of a white paste

588 shells through the milky white appearance, paste

2, from the environmental special soft high elastic resin, into the

Mouth additives mixed with titanium dioxide.

3, viscosity :14000-15000CPS 4, is a non-ionic 5, PH value :6.5-7 .5

6, storage period: one year (at room temperature, placed in the shade)

II features 1, DC-580 soft, opacity sticky, printing plates smooth, non-Cypriot network, fast drying, fastness, high elasticity.

2, DC-588 soft, do not fade, do not eat color fastness good.

3, compared with the same grade of product, low price and good quality.

3, fastness testing This product is ready, according to process requirements, can be 50-60 degrees warm water (plus detergent), stirring 3 hours, no discoloration and no desizing, no cracking. (Note: For printing special fabric to increase fastness, it must increase cross-linking agent).

4, anti-sticking test Product is completed, the printing position on the folded Pressing Machine hot 130 degrees oven for 30 seconds, or use in the 35-40 degree temperature to bake 3 hours, spend another sticky bit is not broken.

5, use 1, India and white pattern, can use the flexible white glue.

2, printing high-brightness light-colored cloth patterns, you can directly add elastic and transparent color kind of slurry

3, dark-colored fabric printed flexible white glue can be added when the color species, this would cover the bottom fabric color; or more special needs “thickness” effect can be more transparent and flexible white glue added to dilute the white pulp add color component species, can reduce the color kind of excessive.

4, the product must be drying tunnel (drying machine) through the heat for 2-3 minutes 140-150 and 140-150 aircraft with a degree of Pressing Pressing 10 seconds.

Note: The above description is for reference only, Ke Yi demand for quality adjustments, please first test and then supporting the use of other models may not be mixed.

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