Flaming star and Tadpoles Nebulae

Flaming star and Tadpoles Nebulae

After what seems like weeks of cloudy nights, last night I grabbed an unexpected few hours of clear, frosty sky and headed 1500 light years away to the Flaming Star (left) and Tadpoles (right) Nebulae in the constellation Auriga.

This shot took 5 hours to expose, a stack of 97 images, each 3 minutes long and was then calibrated with a further 140 calibration frames. With time at the computer to edit all the combined images the whole process took about 9 hours in total.

William Optics GT81
William Optics Flat 6AIII
Skywatcher HEQ 5 Pro
Optolong L-eNhance filter

97 x 300s lights, 40 darks, 50 flats, 50 dark flats at gain 100 and cooled to -10C.
Stacked in DSS and processed in PS and LR

Posted by Shane Jones on 2020-12-13 15:14:51

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