first scan….

first scan....

Uh… clearly I have a lot of room for improvement. Should probably learn how to clean slides (and negatives) properly first and foremost, eh?

These colors aren’t quite right… they are way too saturated, but I was fiddling with the settings because it was previewing too dark at first. Haven’t touched it in PS yet because my computer claims the PS disc is blank. And of course it would. My computer hates me. It’s conspiring with the digicam to kill me in my sleep.

Anyway, this will get a good rescanning later when I’ve mastered the V500. Which means it could be a while.

Lastly… this is in the experiments set because, well, look at it. Have you ever seen so much dust in your life?

Big fat edit: I am a genius. I was scanning it very very incorrectly. I got a good night’s sleep and realized how silly I was being this morning. So, this will look much more presentable once I finish scanning some negs and can get back to the slides.

Posted by jessica.c.ure on 2009-02-14 04:02:33

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