Factors Affecting Migration And Solutions To Rural-urban Migration, Particularly To Developing Natio

Factors Affecting Migration And Solutions To Rural-urban Migration, Particularly To Developing Natio
Migration is that the movement of individuals from one geographical space to another, involving permanent or temporary residence or settlement. There must be a reason or reasons of migration-either something is chasing the people off from their gift location or there is an attraction to where they are going to. What are these influencing factors?

1. Natural disasters: The incidence of Natural disasters like floods, famines, drought, earthquakes etc, could build people to migrate out of place to another.

2. Physical conditions: The physical conditions of an area like climate, soils, relief could additionally be responsible for the migration of individuals, especially when such conditions are unfavorable.

3. Insecurity: Worry of insecurity arising from war, political instability etc, may make individuals migrate.

4. Differences in economic opportunities: As a result of these, folks tend to migrate to where there are more economic opportunities like jobs and business transactions.

5. Change in standing: Changes in standing, eg, high level of education and wealth, might make individuals to migrate, eg, from rural to urban centers.

6. Differences in social amenities: Attributable to difference in the supply of water, roads, electricity etc. folks tend to move to where these amenities are present.

Migration has great advantages because it reduces population pressure on agricultural land at the source region; reduces population pressure on social amenities at the supply region; supplies migrant labor at the receiving region; ensures the flow of capital to the receiving region; results in the development of social amenities at the receiving region; boosts markets at the receiving region and promotes cultural integration eg, inter-marriage at the receiving region. On the other hand, it may be disadvantageous because it breeds social vices like crime and drug dealing in the receiving region; will increase high cost of living at the receiving region; ends up in pressure on social amenities at the receiving region; leads to the loss of in a position-bodied men and youth at the source region; results in congestion in housing and transportation at the receiving region; leads to say no in production at the source region and it results in cultural disintegration at the destination region.

Solutions to rural-Urban migrations

One among the foremost styles of migration that tends to create issues in all developing countries is that of rural-Urban migration. Since we recognize that this kind of migration is a major drawback, solutions need to be provided so as to prevent the incidence of over population at the receiving regions. The solutions to the issues of rural-Urban migration embody:

1. Provision of social amenities: The availability of social amenities such as water, electricity, cinemas, roads and telephones in rural areas can go a long way in reducing the rate at that youth move to Urban areas.

2. Transportation of traditional agriculture to fashionable agriculture: This will enable the youth to interact in agriculture because the system can make farming interesting.

3. Establishment of Industries: The establishment of industries, comes and businesses that can absorb the agricultural working population and reverse labor movement can go a long means in reducing rural-urban drift.

4. Establishment of instructional establishments: The institution of schools and alternative establishments of higher learning in rural areas can also facilitate to scale back movement to urban centers.

5. Establishment of corporate branches: Government departments, business firms and financial institutions ought to be inspired to establish their branches in rural areas.

6. provision of recreation facilities: If recreational facilities like stadia, swimming pools, cinema homes, amusement parks, etc are created obtainable in rural areas, this can cut back the propensity of the youths moving to Urban areas.

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