“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

I bought an Eye-Fi card a while back assuming that it could geotag photos for me on the G12 if I use the iPhone app but no matter what I do I couldn’t get that to work so I finally gave up and it was sitting dust.

But now that I have the EOS M semi-permanently mounted on a tripod next to the window so I never miss anything for the Serenity series, it has a new found use—automatically transferring raw and video captures to my computer while I photograph—thus removing the need to open SD card, import photos and put it back onto the camera. A great improvement to the workflow. Super sweet.

Through the reflection you can also see me photographing this with the iPad 3 mounted on the hover bar, thus leaving both hands free for controls. By using 645pro set to Nighttime mode, this capture works well as the slow-shutter is no longer an issue.

Photographed as RAW TIFF on 645pro, cropped down and processed in Lightroom 4. As usual, pardon the chaos. Also you will note that I have downsized to a twin from my New York queen bed. A bit sad but then space is expensive in Hong Kong and I get used to it.

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools
/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro
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