Exposing Urban Legend From Truths About Health and Fitness

Exposing Urban Legend From Truths About Health and Fitness

Some of the lies about health and fitness are not really untruths. Each person’s body reacts differently to exercise. What is correct for one person may not be necessarily correct for others, or some percentage of other people. It is not a lie, you have to deal with questionable truths and or information on a case by case basis. You never know what you may uncover if you do a little bit of research. That is a real clue to getting to the truths about health and fitness. You ideally should take the time to research and learn. Research is the only way to make sure there is solid information about health and fitness.

It may surprise you to learn that even the treadmill has myths that have to do with your knees. Running on a treadmill is indeed not safer or less harsh on your knees than any other surface you may run on. That is a definite myth that needs to get crunched right now. Your knees suffer the full force of your weight when you are jogging or running. It does not matter what the surface may be.

Regardless of the tiny bit of give a treadmill will give you your knees are still going t take the impact of your weight. You can helpful yourself and your knees by wearing high quality foot wear that has good absorbing material.

No pain, no gain. That’s the only way to do it and get great results. If you are living by this motto you are making a mistake. There is of course a difference between having a good workout and being in serious pain. We are not talking about normal muscle soreness that is felt the day after a strong effort. But rather, if you are actually hurting somewhere on your body, other than feeling sore which will go away, then the smart thing is to stop immediately. If you have injured yourself, you want to stop exercising to avoid increasing the level of your injury.

There are mounds of research supporting the fact that a healthy fitness program of exercise and diet will significantly reduce, slow, or prevent serious disease conditions. Of course you’ve heard about exercise and cardio health. High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are only a few of the other conditions that can be positively impacted by exercise. Your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise can also help you slow the effects of aging on your body.

The world abounds with health and fitness truths, half-truths, and flat-out falsehoods. You really do have to be careful about what you choose to believe. Make sure you are confirming what you are hearing on the internet with a reputable source such as this article. Listen to yourself when it’s potentially harmful to you. This article has given you the tools you need to make sure you are safe and getting good information.

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