Evidently resistance is futile…

Evidently resistance is futile...

Looks like this tagging thingy caught up with me. Thus:

1) I like any kind of lemonade, even the really cheap stuff, as my picture shows. Normally I drink it as opposed to hugging it though.

2) I have a favourite hoody, and this is not it.

3) I still like Pokémon, despite being 19. Not quite sure why I still enjoy the anime but I do.

4) I’m back at uni now, and am already missing building with the ol’ Lego, despite the fact that I repeatedly tried to build more things in the holidays and couldn’t get anywhere with them. Such is life.

5) I’m really struggling for facts I would consider interesting now. Maybe I should go and do something. Wait, that would take effort.

6) I spend far too much time on the internet.

7) Despite that, I have absolutely no computer nerdly knowledge and as a result am terrified of modifying any of my computer’s settings in case I break it. This fear is probably unjustified as I once spilt quite a lot of Diet Cherry Coke on my computer, and it lives on.

8) I used to snowboard when I lived in Switzerland. It was fun.

9) On one such snowboarding trip, with college, I had a truly spectacular fall, head over heels tumbling out of control, that kind of thing. I got up unhurt, dusted myself down, and then caught an edge as I set off, breaking my arm and wrist on a very small fall. Hilarious, but not at the time.

10) MLIA

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