Everything To Know About Web Design

Everything To Know About Web Design
before. But really to be honest with you, as long as you know what your doing, (well at least the basics) ~}its not as difficult as you may think.

Really, it’s easy if you know how.

Of course I can’t really teach you from scratch how set up a website, that’s something that you will need to be taught in person. Then once you learn the basics of how to set up a website, designing it so it functions properly, attracts users, and then does not disappoint those users is the next thing to learn.

It may be easy to set up a website, but its harder getting people to visit it, and then keeping them there. To be honest getting people to your website will take hours and hours of tiresome SEO and ad words work But this will all be a waste of time if once you get people to your website, they simply leave because it does not look the part or function properly.

The website you design will need to look good, not annoy users, give the user what they want from your website, and will make them want to come back, not just simply leave. There are many things you will need to keep in mind when thinking about how to do this, as even the littlest of things can drive users off your site.

These are my great tips for designing a website that will attract users, and then keep them there.

The website you design should be simplistic, and easy to use.

Users will usually just scan your websites for keywords that could be related to what they are looking for, so you need to make sure these are viable easily.

Make sure all text is not in large lumps, or in too smaller lumps, as these will annoy users as it is hard to read.

Make sure all links are live, and lead to a active web page. There’s nothing more annoying than clicking a link thinking the content you want will be on that page, and then the page not working.

Make sure your website works when java script and flash are not installed. A lot of people do not use the features, so will not be able to view your website.

All pages of your website should load in at least four seconds. Obviously this will depend on your internet speed, but this time is based on the average broadband speed of four meg.
Never type anything on your web page in all caps lock. It is hard to read, and will annoy a lot of people.

You will need to keep many other things in mind when designing a website. Just remember, test regularly and often when designing a site. This will make sure it works, and make sure people like it!

Hiren Gohel is an expert writer on different topics. These days he is writing on how to find website designers in Australia