Entrepreneurs should inculcate transparent intelligence culture

Entrepreneurs should inculcate transparent intelligence culture

What is transparent intelligence? Do corporate believe in this?  Do they at least know/aware/familiar with the term and can they understand its meaning in right perspective?  Do HR update on various aspects of corporate governance and people & their performance matters on daily basis?


Entrepreneurs and modern corporate must inculcate the culture of ‘transparent intelligence’ in the organization. Nature has plenty of examples for the above.  The evolution of various species in nature itself is only through the process of transparent intelligence. True intelligence never able to perform or develops in the ecosystem where it thrives, unless there is transparency. Intelligence and creativity are always like stimuli and response process. 


The brain development is an all inclusive process and such development always includes immediate, sustained and future needs.  Only when the trigger or need is visible, vivid and transparent, all the three requirements can be included during the development of the brain/intelligence. 


For example, the ability of a deer in escaping from the attack of lion is co-evolved process.  Similarly, the ability/unique hunting strategies of lion are also co-evolved with the ability of the deer.  The need to escape and need to stock is not understood by both the predator and prey simultaneously, either of the animals would able to develop smartness or benefit.  The deer needs to know who is its predator, what is its strength and weakness, how it hunt etc., only then it can evolve with all necessary uniqueness and talents to overcome the strength of the predator or how to make use of its weakness.  The predator also needs to know all the above details of the deer only then it can enable itself with all necessary pre-requisites to successfully hunt the deer.  Only absolute transparency alone can facilitate the development of true intelligence.  If transparency is not there, then the development or evolution will create mismatch that will not be good either to the lion or to the deer.


Corporate should understand the principles of transparent intelligence and should create transparency as its culture.  Only when transparency is created, the true intelligentsia can be produced in the organization.  Failing which, people may opt to be crooks, hooks and charlatans in order to safe guard their job.  The performance also will be demeaned and undermined by the above process. 


Corporate should facilitate the evolution of intellectuals and creative genius in the organizations not people who wish and aspires do the same job in the organization from the date of joining through superannuation.  The creative talents not the half cooked talents are most wanted in the industry.  It can happen only when the corporate ecosystem conduct itself in a very transparent and open manner like how nature is facilitating ‘intelligence’ to blossom in the air of transparency and complete openness.  

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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