Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republicans Destroy Trust in Government?

Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republicans Destroy Trust in Government?

Before 1965 it appears that the United States public trust in the government was quite a bit higher than it is today. As time has gone on the government has been less and less trusted for some reason. Many Democrats blame the Republicans. Further, they charge that it was the Ronald Reagan era that publicized the ineptness of government that started this downward spiral. But is that really the case?

Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republics Destroy Trust in Government? Or did they merely point out the facts, call the emperor naked, and wake everyone up? And could it be said that the generation of the 1960s and all the antiwar protests did more to destroy the trust in government? This came well before Ronald Reagan.

In the book, “In Defense of Government; The Rise and Fall of Public Trust” by Jacob Weisberg, the author claims that it was the Ronald Reagan era that started the mistrust of government and he noted some facts about the public perception of the time noting that some 75% of the people did not trust the government, during the campaign of President Reagan.

Whether or not this is true is hard to say, but the statistics sound right. Today, it is quite obvious that the people of the United States do not trust their government for some reason. Maybe the mistrust of government is a good thing, as it keeps people on their toes, and not to be led down the wrong path or down a dead end, and yet, one has to ask about other nations, and their blind obedience to their government and their trust factors.

What happens when China’s population wakes up to the problems with an overbearing centralized government, and the injustices, and losses of freedoms that comes with it all. The bureaucracy is stifling life, and dashing opportunity. We all ought to be thankful that we live in the US, and trust must be earned no matter which nation you live in. Please consider this.

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