Dental Implants: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Dental Implants: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Dental implantation is one of the more radical procedures of cosmetic dentistry. This procedure requires drilling a hole through the jawbone to accommodate the titanium implant. The titanium implant is then left alone to osseointegrate or to fuse with the jawbone. Once this occurs, a crown is screwed into the implant as the tooths replacement.

The Good
Dental implants render dentures insignificant. Having an implant is like growing another tooth in the lost tooths place. The titanium rod functions like a real root, and the crownusually made of porcelain or ceramicblends in with natural teeth so perfectly that no one would notice its artificial.

The Bad
Dental implants are good only for people who have healthy bone density. There is a chance that the bone will not fuse with the titanium, causing the implant to just fall off. This happens mainly because the bone is not healthy or dense enough to accept the alloy. When this happens, the dentist can either make adjustments to replace the implant or recommend bone grafting surgery for the patient.

Bone grafting needs a few months of recovery, and osseointegration takes around six months to occur. However, even bone grafting does not assure osseointegration, as dentists who perform the procedure for dental implants Sarasota would emphasize.

The Ugly
In cases of successful osseointegration, an implant can last for as long as your bones are intact and if taken cared of properly. This means that implants are as prone to bacterial buildup as natural teeth are. Cosmetic dentistry Sarasota practices require regular checkups of the implant to ensure good oral health.

An implant can be infected by bacteria when the implantation procedure is not as sanitary as required and bacteria are left with the implanted titanium. A bacterial infection, if left untreated, can cause loss of supporting hard and soft tissue.

Dental implantation, as one of the procedures of cosmetic dentistry Sarasota and other major areas in the United States practice, offers a lot of benefits and risks. A patient should keep in mind that this procedure should require thorough analysis and preparation. And to avoid the ugly, no patient should settle for less than that.

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