Day 61/365 “Turn it up, Its 5 Minutes to midnight”

Day 61/365

Alright day got all my teachers to sign off for the trip =] computers was cool cuz of the free double period so i looked up prom dresses all class lol. pat and i talked alil in english so that was nice then i went to roz 8th period helped a lil with the yearbook got some candy to sell for the trip and it was cool cuz she was covering mr. pressley’s class and had all the old pics from 2 years ago when we were in there it was sooo cool to c cuz everyone looked so young it was nice i miss that class we had alot of fun. sold some candy on the bus then came home watched a lil tv took a nap, cleaned, ate dusted and then a did a lil of my lab so i don’t have to do it all tomorrow, now i’m gonna take a shower and read my book.

So pic today is lyrical, i really had no good pics so i was like ooooo i could that line lol even though i cheated and put the clock forward lol cuz its only 10:24 haha



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