Day 40/365 – Word Games

Day 40/365 - Word Games

Just got finished laying the Scrabble smackdown on my computer yet again. Okay, so I only beat the machine by 55 points this time. I’ve still beaten it nearly twice as many times as its beaten me (274 to 138, with one tie). And then there’s the version of Scrabble I’ve got on my iPod. The computer still hasn’t beaten me on that one. I could kick the difficulty level up a notch, but then the computer starts playing utterly ridiculous words no one but lexicographers have ever heard of before, and that takes the fun out of it.

My best score to date is 591 points. I managed to lay down three different seven-letter words in that game, two of them on back-to-back turns. I’ve never even come close to playing that well against another person, though. I think I’ve pretty much always loved playing word games. When I was in second grade and the weather was too crappy to go out for recess, we’d play Boggle for money (penny a point). I usually won. Good thing the teacher never realized what we were up to. Having to explain to the principal why I was Boggle-sharking my classmates wouldn’t have been much fun.

My brother and sister-in-law got me into playing Scrabble. Whenever I go to visit them we always play. I even bought a travel Scrabble set to take with me when I went on a cruise with them a few years ago. I took it along when we went to Vegas earlier this year, too. I can usually wallop my brother, but sister-in-law clobbers me more often than not. She may have had to drop of high school to get a job, but her lack of a diploma doesn’t stop her from cleaning my clock on a regular basis.

There’s another game I like to play with words when I’m on the subway. I pick a word off one of the advertising posters or signs on the train and try to make as many new words out of its letters as I can. Helps to pass the time and keep my brain from gathering dust.

I also love doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper and I can usually solve it, although once or twice a week there will be a square or two I can’t get filled in. No sudoku for me, though. Numbers are something I don’t enjoy, even when there’s no actual math involved. I’ll just stick to letters, thank you very much.

(November 17, 2008)

Posted by Kevin H. on 2008-11-18 01:56:13

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