Day 187 – The Old Me

Day 187 - The Old Me

Up to this year I had given up photography for quite few years. I packed away my cameras and all the paraphernalia that goes with them. I rarely even opened photoshop.

I had nearly 100,000 images spread over a range of computers and hard disks and I couldn’t face looking at them.

I felt that despite taking photos for over 30 years, I hadn’t gained any skill and lost any enthusiasm to try.

I was also struggling with my health and mobility and that definitely didn’t help.

However, I did dust my camera off for horse shows as the girls wanted photos of their horses and I wanted to give them what they wanted.

So the old me would take photos like this and nothing else. The new me is trying to learn, hoping to develop and has managed to get to day 185 of a photo a day. Here’s to the next 180 photos.

Posted by nualao on 2013-07-07 11:39:11

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