day (16) of 365.

day (16) of 365.

i can’t tell if the ‘sun spots’ are entirely from the sun, or the fact that my lens had SOOOO much dust on it.. i think both are the reasons ;P
sorry i’ve fallen 8 days behind. i’m trying to catch up! i went and visited (partied it up ;P!) at my boyfriends college and when we left saturday night to spend the rest of the weekend home together, i realized i had left my macbook in his dorm room, and wouldn’t be able to get it until he brought it home with him on thursday. i’m a moron.. hah.
i SHOULD have been a good girl and take photos each day besides the fact.. but i’m so lazy, so without my computer all i did was work eat and sleep… what an interesting life i lead without a computer available to me ;P

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Posted by indie elise on 2010-04-23 05:56:26

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