Day 144 – The Bean inside the Machine

Day 144 - The Bean inside the Machine

When Mr Fox heard the all to familiar sound of a polar bear saying "Ooops",
he immediately leapt to action stations. After quickly grabbing his knapsack, crossbow, plunger and tool belt, he rushed, with much trepidation to Mrs PB’s aid.

He knew the news wouldn’t be good, and he wasn’t wrong, but at least he wasn’t under prepared!

It turned out that Mrs PB had been having a bit of a "snack-ette" whilst perched on top of the Land of the Bed’s main server (she likes the fan). Unfortunately, as it always tends to, the inevitable happened : a catastrophic bean spillage!

Mrs PB, not wanting to waste a single bean, had decided the best course of action would be to lick up the uncooperative beans! She didn’t know that in doing so, not only did she risk "frying" the Land of the Bed’s infrastructure, she risked an irrecoverable and most heinous fur-doo.

Happy with his Polar Bear exactly how she is, and not willing to lose his data, Mr Fox made the instantaneous decision, to deploy his newly invented emergency giant inflatable can of beans! It did its job and catastrophe was avoided!

By the time Mrs PB realised she’d bean hoodwinked, Mr Fox had recovered enough of the missing beans to appease her, stabilised the mainframe, and so survived to fox another day!

Posted by The Fox and the Polar Bear on 2008-03-13 20:42:59

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