D600 : about a thousand shots later

D600 : about a thousand shots later

The sensor’s been cleaned about a month ago, by Nikon themselves (it was totally clean when they sent it back to me, but it took them 3 weeks !). This is the 2649th shot of the camera since I bought it. The sensor’s cleaned by the camera each time it’s turned on and shut off.
I shot a white screen from my computer (cleaned glass).
You can see that the spots are quite at the same place, most of them come from the top left corner, middle left area, and also the same big one at the top, in the middle.
Still no informations from Nikon about this big issue on a 2300 € product.

Then, I’ve read some skeptical people, saying that this probably doesn’t affect pictures in a normal shooting. So I’d like to share one of the pictures that made me wonder about that, because until this particular day, I didn’t care about any "dustgate". I’m not the kind of worried guy about products, I just want it to work properly. Sending it every two weeks of use to Nikon for sensor cleansing, and wait three weeks for that without having my camera, it’s not exactly what I’ve signed for.
This is a daylight picture, untouched jpeg export from the raw file. Info : f/16, ISO 400, 1/100.

Petition : www.change.org/petitions/nikon-nikon-d600-dust-on-sensor

Posted by Yohmi on 2013-01-11 14:36:26

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