Creating The Hip Hop Look With Urban Hats For Men

Creating The Hip Hop Look With Urban Hats For Men
Men’s fashion isn’t as simple as some may tend to believe. Women have kept up with the latest fashions for decades. More men have been keeping up with trends and fashion over the last 2 decades. Men’s fashion once consisted of jeans, shirt and shoes. Today’s trends are much more complex.

Television, movies and music videos introduce many fashion trends and have had a heavy influence on the clothing we wear. Hip hop music itself couldn’t have created the entire urban clothing trend. We had to have that visualization, and see the celebrities in all their bling. Bling and urban hats add the finishing touches to any hip hop outfit.

Hip Hop Clothing

Hip hop clothing, generally speaking, isn’t a specific style or brand. The style itself varies from area to area. Urban clothing in New York, for example, will vary from urban clothing in Los Angeles or Atlanta. Sometimes the variances are very subtle but they still exist.

The hip hop look often includes skulls, dollar signs, the word “bling” or the letters “NY” or “LA”. Colors are bold, sometimes dark with bold, bright designs. Graphic tees are extremely popular on the hip hop scene.

Bling it up a Little

Neck chains, earrings, rings and watches are a must on the urban scene. Don’t leave home without the bling necessary to make you stand apart from the crowd. The little details are extremely important when finishing off your look. Anyone can wear urban clothing; the icing on the cake is the bling and a great hat.

Finishing Your Look

A hat can make or break your overall look. Urban hats for men and women make a fashion statement on their own. They finish the hip hop look like nothing else can. After dressing in your favorite urban clothing and picking out the best bling, put on a hat. Pay close attention to how the entire look changes with that simple addition.

Men’s urban hats start as cheap as $ 10 and popular designs may run as high as $ 60. Hustler, Fleur De Lis and NY New York offer very popular baseball cap designs. Some have rounded bills while others have flat bills. The type of bill you choose will greatly influence the finished look of your outfit.

Duckbill hats are another great option to finish out your hip hop look. Several celebrities choose a duckbill over a baseball cap. Some of the hottest celebrities photographed recently in a duckbill hat include Brad Pitt, LL Cool J, Collin Farrell and Jay-Z. Even the ever-cool Samuel L Jackson looks incredible in a duckbill. Duckbills run slightly more expensive than your average baseball cap, starting around $ 35 and running as high as $ 70.

Whatever your personal style; a hat really tops off the urban look. Match your hat and bling to the rest of your outfit and really step it up a notch. Add a hot belt and some trend-setting shoes and you’re good to go.

Doug Davis is writer for an online retailer offering hip hop clothing including men’s urban hats.