CPU fan 2-15-10

CPU fan 2-15-10

The CPU fan of my Main (I have 3) computer, taken when replacing a hard drive, seen after 3 years of (almost) 24/7 service. The green "hose" on the right is a power connection: (my power supply has these bundled in UV reactive nylon) in this case, the "aux 12V" power connection. Taken by a Nikon D40x with an 18-55mm Nikkor non-VR kit lens. (at 52) Camera’s on-board flash fired.

Neglected because of the dust accumulation… Needless to say, but after I took the picture, I blew out the dust!

This is an AMD stock heat sink/fan combo – still working well…

(update, 4/2012: this fan/heatsink combo worked well until I replaced the motherboard in that computer: the m/b may be installed in another case, at some point, since it still has the memory aboard. (all it needs: case, p/s, HD, optical drive, and an OS…)

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