Cosmic Ray Agitator

Cosmic Ray Agitator

Cosmic Ray Agitator
by Sir Charles Fitzgerald
(circa 1887)

In 1887 Sir Charles Fitzgerald was the secret weaponry develpor for Victoria, the queen of England. With his small team of scientists Sir Fitzgerald worked in utmost secrecy in his castle’s dungeon laboratory. It was at that time he discovered how to agitate cosmic rays. The first item he disintegrated was an apple. The ray made it explode into dust.

Harnessing the newly found science, Sir Fitzgerale was able to incorporate it into the cosmic raygun pictured above. This gun was field tested in the battle of the Kyber Pass. The effects were totally devastating. Sir Fitzgerald realized what could happen if the world’s arms manufacturers were to acquire his new found technology. For fear of that possibility the Cosmic Ray Agitator was returned to England and hidden deep within his castle’s walls.

The Cosmic Ray Agitator was found and stolen in 1939 by agents of the Nazi party. However, Hitler’s top scientists could not duplicate the secret liquid ingredient Sir Fitzgerald used in the vial on top of the raygun.

In 1946 the Cosmic Ray Agitator was found in West Berlin. The British government took possession of it. It’s current whereabouts is unknown.

If you have any knowledge concerning the whereabouts of Fitzgerald’s Cosmic Ray Agitator, please get in touch with Scotland Yard.


Note: G.P. – This is my first raygun.

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