Compressed Air Duster Can MAX Professional Cleaner 1229…

Compressed Air Duster Can MAX Professional Cleaner 1229...

This is the brand to trust to get rid of the dust!
Clean all those tight spots on your VALUABLE ELECTRONICS without accidentally damaging them.
Prolong the life of your:
★ Computer, Keyboard, Desk Top
★ Camera, Camera Lenses, Printer, Fax Machine, Copier
★ Xbox, mobile phone, Lab Equipment.
★ TV, VCR, Typewriter, Notebook, Blue ray
★ Shredder, Scanner

Revolutionize cleaning at HOME with Dust Off
NO more problems dusting delicate areas in hard to reach places, without causing them to break.
Recommended for delicate and important jobs:
★ Chandeliers, Chrystal, Glass, Brass
★ Window Blinds, Collectibles, Fire alarm, Fan
★ Vacuum, Stereo, Watches, Clocks, Electric Razors

Handy for HOBBIES, use Dustoff to take care of your:
★ Sewing machine, Telescope
★ Delicate Craft Models, Figurines
★ Expensive Musical instruments, Audio Equipment
Maintain your SPORTS EQUIPMENT recommended for:
★ Rollerblade’s, Fishing Rods, Boats

Keep in the GARAGE for:
★ Workbenches, Power tools
★ Car interiors
Use Dust Off to make the dust go away!

Buy With Confidence! Our Product comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction or YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.
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Value 2-PACK – Made in the USA, Non-toxic & no bitternt, NO nasty smells or residue left on the surface.Prolongs the life of your valuables & sensitive electronic equipment, Stops the build-up of dust in your electronics, Keeps your computer fan & circuit board dust free, crucial for better performance & a longer life.Blow Off cleans dust with a steady stream of sterilized air, an essential cleaning tool for all your expensive equipment.A dusty fan in your electronic devices (Xbox, Desk Top or Computer) can make the components overheat & worst case scenario, start a fire.Discover the difference Blow Off can make to your everyday cleaning at home for delicate dusting jobs in hard to reach places, Keep your Fire Alarm dust free & running properly.…

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