College of Engineering students volunteer at Yes Expo!, engage Michigan youth in STEM

College of Engineering students volunteer at Yes Expo!, engage Michigan youth in STEM

More than 70 Wayne State College of Engineering students volunteed for the YES! Expo on Nov. 1, which aimed to interest Michigan youth in science and engineering. More than 20,000 students in grades 8-12, primarily from southeast Michigan, attended the Expo at Ford Field.

College of Engineering student organizations that participated included:

•Theta Tau, which brought a Rube Goldberg machine that was used to explain simple machines: levers, pulleys and inclined planes.
•The American Society of Civil Engineers, which brought competition teams and their projects such as Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe. Attendees were able to test certain mixtures of concrete to see if it floated or how fast they can put together parts of a steel bridge.
•Formula SAE Race Team, which brought its race car, an X-Box 260 racing game and slot car racing.
•The Engineering Society of Detroit, which took apart a computer and showed the students all the internal components of a Laptop PC.
•The Biomedical Engineering Society, which had an ESPN Sports Science theme related to biomedical engineering and research at WSU. BMES brought a punching bag with a force sensor embedded to detect how much force the participant exerts. They also brought a reverse engineered Max Mobility Smart Drive, which is used as a wheelchair add-on to aid patients in long-term mobility.
•The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, which featured a "Prince Rupert’s tear drop" demo involving melting a drop of glass into a bucket of cool water, then showing how the energy stored within the drop’s structure is so high, that when the tail end of it is snapped, the whole drop crumbles into dust.
•The Institute of Industrial Engineers, which had a Lego assembly line to discuss processes and optimization.
•Tau Beta Pi, which had a catapult building contest to demonstrate simple laws of physics as well as engineering design possibilities.

Posted by Wayne State University on 2012-11-09 19:35:38