Coating all Roads with Graphene to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming

Coating all Roads with Graphene to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming

Urban Heat is a more significant factor to the increase in atmospheric ambient temperatures than CO2 increases. Of course Global Warming Alarmists have a specific agenda. Most people who believe in Global Warming know very little about it. Instead they say something like; Scientific Research “proves it” so it is real, no doubt about it.

If you ever bother to ask these folks if they have ever read lets say 10 research papers on the subject that they fully understood, honestly less than 1% could tell you yes and chances are those 1% would probably opt for a much different set of findings than; It is Absolutely Proven or a doom and gloom scenario.

What people do not talk about urban heat much, even many of the Global Warming researchers at universities and think tanks who get huge grants to come to their purported specific conclusion do not mention urban heat. We are talking about a lot of concrete that heats up urban areas by as much as 4 to 10 degrees and that hot air rises into the atmosphere and changes the surrounding air temperatures quite a bit.

If we really wish to solve the Climate Change problem then we need to consider Coating all Roads with Graphene or a carbon nano-tube substance in order to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming. If we can absorb the heat from the sun on all the concrete and rooftops and playgrounds in our urban areas we can prevent this heat from rising up into the atmosphere and raising the temperatures.

We may be able to stop global warming if we will stop long enough to explore these new technologies and super coatings. It is time to bury the hatchet on the global warming issue and work on real solutions. Surely it would be nice to cut down on the CO2 in the atmosphere, but at the same time we should not succumb to a doom and gloom forecast, which simply isn’t so.

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