ClawSnake Both Backlights

ClawSnake Both Backlights

Only the Backlights (cold left, warm right) .

The original render was 4000×2669, and since I used Maxwells Multilight-Color functionality, Maxwell used 10Gb of memory during render…. getting 24Gb of memory for my new computer was worth the extra money!

(MultilightColor = the renderfile stores information about the individual lights so I can change their power and color temperature without re-render.)

Before anyone asks, yes, this type of creature has a dry unrealistic skin 😉
(Getting a 100% realistic skin wasn’t part of the experiment, only how interior bones affect SSS parts)

Rendered over night, reached SL 12.5 in 14h25min. Used PhotoshopCS4’s Filter-Noice-Dust&Scratches (rad.2 , thres.17) to remove the tiny red SSS dots that you get when using this type of material/lighting and don’t let it cook longer.
Slight post-crop Vignette added with AdobeCameraRaw.

Posted by LarsMagnusson on 2010-08-05 14:53:03

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