Choose Urban Suites For Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

Choose Urban Suites For Furnished Luxury Apartments In Calgary

For those visiting the wonderful city of Calgary on business, the decision as to where to stay during their trip can be a difficult one to make. Hotels and inns simply don’t provide the personal feel of home that the modern working professional requires when taking a trip to a new city. That’s why many visitors choose the furnished apartments in Calgary available through Urban Suites when booking their accommodation.

Urban Suites’ properties offer business people a place where they can relax, sit back and enjoy the surroundings of Calgary in a luxurious fully furnished suite. The company takes care of each one of their client’s personal accommodation requirements and allows them to focus on how they wish to spend their time in the city, rather than worrying about additional hotel costs and rescheduling accommodation for unexpected changes to their original plans. By choosing accommodation from Urban Suites, business people can be assured that every comfort is available to them, from the moment they arrive in the city to the moment they make their way home.

Many of the company’s furnished Calgary apartments are set in the delightful Eau Claire District of the city, an area predominantly known for its eclectic blend of staggering natural beauty and fine architecture. The company also owns three suites in the exceptional residential tower, Vetro, which is located just a convenient walk away from the city’s main train station and a short commute to the city centre.

All of the company’s suites come fully furnished in a style that is reflective of the modern, yet homely nature of the city of Calgary. They offer a place for the hardworking businessperson to arrive home to at the end of the day and call their own. Consider for example the Sarine executive suite, which has been professionally designed for those whose tastes vary from the ultra modern to the classic. Located just a few steps away from the resplendent Bow River, the Sarine is a 1350sq feet, open-concept wonder. Boasting hardwood floors throughout, the apartment’s 10foot high ceilings imbue a sense of space, style and high luxury.

Guests at the Sarine can enjoy heated marble floors as they step out of their large shower and take in the superb artwork on display throughout the suite. In the summer, this luxury apartment acts as the ideal starting point from which to enjoy a calm evening stroll through the city’s pathways and around the natural sights on offer in Calgary. During the colder winter month, those staying at the Sarine can look forward to sitting by the gas fireplace and admiring the beautiful view of the city through two Southwest-facing patio windows that offer a magnificent winter vista from above.

When you’re looking for places to stay during your next visit to the city of Calgary on business, don’t settle for a stay in second-rate accommodation. Choose from the very best furnished apartments in Calgary through Urban Suites and experience true luxury merged with all the comforts and personalized touches you expect of a home away from home.

About Urban Suites:

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished suites in the city of Calgary. Available at superb prices and with all the trappings of luxury, the company’s accommodations are second-to-none for those looking for the perfect residence from which to enjoy their stay in the city. For more information, please go to Urbansuites.

Urban Suites offers the discerning business person a range of furnished apartments in Calgary. For more information, please go to

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