Choose the SugarCRM Expert that fits your Needs

Choose the SugarCRM Expert that fits your Needs


In today’s competitive environment, business processes are not just restricted to manual processes; they also involve a range of IT systems to better manage cases, leads, quotes, marketing campaigns and sales opportunity. And among different IT systems, CRM system plays the most important role of combining business processes, people and technology to attain objective of keeping customers satisfied. It will not be wrong to say without a strong focus on CRM, it’s very hard to run a successful business. But it’s also very important to implement the right CRM that is capable of addressing your current business needs and beyond.

Among different CRMs, SugarCRM has turned out one of the fastest growing CRM. SugarCRM is an open source based customer relation management solution that is widely used by many small to large organizations to manage sales, marketing and support. SugarCRM Company offers you a free open source CRM developer edition and 4 supported subscriptions. Over 7,000 subscribers and more than 750,000 users are the proof why SugarCRM is becoming so popular. Thousands of businesses now rely on this open source CRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers, and create custom business applications.

SugarCRM offers an on-demand SaaS solution just CRM like Salesforce. But, it also facilitates customers to deploy Sugar on-site, behind a firewall, without any of the risks of traditional client-server deployment. In addition, clients can opt to deploy Sugar in public or private clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, and others for more flexibility.

But to deploy SugarCRM in your business environment as per your needs, you always need the right SugarCRM expert who has necessary domain specific knowledge and experience to customize and integrate SugarCRM.

While selecting SugarCRM experts, make sure that SugarCRM expert owns partnership with SugarCRM Company. The premier partner level offering for organizations is SugarCRM Gold Partnership. This partnership is the highest-level partnership and given to those organizations who are aggressively looking to grow their business. The benefits in this partnership include a go-to-market plan, integrated marketing campaigns, MDF and qualified leads.

Also, make sure your SugarCRM expert will continually offer support to you and your employees. This is done to make sure the smooth functioning of your SugarCRM implementation. Mostly, SugarCRM experts are professional service organizations that have effectively development their own CRM practice and have expertise and experience for advising clients on CRM. 


Eric Johnson is an Open Source expert working as a Community Manager with OSSCube, a SugarCRM Development Company with pool of SugarCRM Experts and SugarCRM Consultants. For more info, visit