China’s corn supply and demand situation and market situation analysis – corn prices – Food Indu

China’s corn supply and demand situation and market situation analysis – corn prices – Food Indu

As the international Financial Crisis, domestic Feed Industry be hit, the national launch of maize (information, quotes) (information, quotes) Temporary reserve acquisitions, the main maize growing areas in Northeast drought took place in a larger, related factors are intertwined, so many companies and investors in corn future market development and price movements are particularly concerned about. September 2009, the State Grain Bureau, Dalian Municipal Government and Dalian Commodity Exchange co-hosted the Third International Corn Industry Conference, for the corn industry, the futures industry and other relevant parties to build a platform for communication, to discuss the future of corn market situation and development.

Currently, the United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina is the world’s leading corn-producing countries, these five countries and to world production of over 70% of corn production. From the data, five countries among the total output continues to rise.

According to FAO (FAO) 2009 6 a report released last month the global corn output in 2009 was estimated at 791.8 million tons, accounting for 35% of global cereal production is about. The General Assembly is expected to the year 2012/2013, the world’s corn acreage will be stable at from 138 million to 139 million ha between the yield will be 4.56 tons / ha to 5.12 ha and stability. Due to the increase in yields, total production increased to 820 million tons is also stable. Average annual rate of 1.34%. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and China’s net corn-related statistics, in 2008, the United States produced 307 million tons of corn, China 158 million tons. The United States and China share of world corn production corn more than 60% of total production. Forecast in 2009, the United States produced 303 million tons of corn, China 159 million tons.

Since 1999, total global demand for corn has been around 6 million tons, showing a rigid growth. World corn consumption mainly in three aspects. The use of consumption, feed consumption, industrial consumption. As the global population continues to grow among the world’s consumption of corn consumption in the process of natural growth, and stability of 1 million tons. Feed consumption is the most major consumer of corn means the ratio of 70% of total consumption. Currently, the number of global corn growth was rigid. The proportion of industrial consumption of corn by 0.5 percentage points per year has grown rapidly.

2009 corn planting area in China will reach 28.98 million hectares, compared with 2008, an increase of 18 million hectares. China’s corn output is expected to reach 155 – 159 million tons. The third consecutive year as the domestic output, the current stock level or higher. Feed industry in the first half of 2009 to start production on sluggish performance, the total decline in the company’s performance for the operations of large enterprises to accelerate the expansion of small and medium production decline.

Projected 2009/10 domestic demand for corn will total 154 million tons, up 2.7% over the same period. Although the growth process in maize, the main producing areas with drought and other bad weather resulted in decline, but last year the total inventory carried over 2,100 tons, the 2009/10 domestic supply and demand will balance.

The long term, we should also focus on the tendency of national policy support, feed demand conditions, the National Grain rotation as well as climate change and other factors. Since 2008 the price of domestic corn demand by international markets shrinking, H1N1 influenza A H1N1, Melamine Negative factors such as the impact of price increases fell once, to narrow down the corn industry profit margins, falling prices is limited.

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