Channelizing Energies of Urban Youth to Develop Life Skills in Semi-Urban Youth

Channelizing Energies of Urban Youth to Develop Life Skills in Semi-Urban Youth

Other than this the semi urban areas around the cities (comprising of the youth who have migrated from rural areas or who have been living near cities since long time) are well aware of the challenges they are going to face, for which they do not have skills but are some how helpless. Special effort has to be made to help this group of young people.

Similarly, the student youth enrolled in the institutions in the urban areas need skills in communication and exposure, which can be inculcated if they are encouraged to take up programs on education, health, community services etc. on a voluntary basis. These programs can voluntarily be prepared by educationists in coordination with social workers where educationists can encourage urban rural activity.

These programs will not only have positive impact on the personality and skill development of urban youth, but also endeavor to involve them in community based nation building aims so that they could become catalysts of change and development in the attitude, behavior and skills of semi urban youth. Young people can be encouraged to express and share their experiences and culture and can also be encouraged to understand each others’ problems and find out the solutions for them and thus developing friendship and cooperation.

Also, the gender role typed communities in urban areas are a great hindrance in exploiting the capabilities of urban educated girls who can assist in planning and facilitating youth organizing programs and community organizing initiatives after regular academic curriculum. Their energies can be utilized because they have understanding and can analyze the systemic nature of oppression, particularly the intersection of gender, race, sexuality, segment and class. This is through these community programs that they can experience working with young people, in low-income communities in all the aspects of grass root, non-profit work. Some may be given responsibility for facilitating groups, organizing, community outreach, grant writing and fundraising, to some extent, to fit their talents and interests. When planned and implemented successfully , youth in semi-urban and young girls in urban areas, both are going to be benefited directly. These programs can be organized by educational institutions, organizations, clubs or societies. Interaction of youth twice a month can be helpful in more than it can be imagined.

The key areas identified, which are universal in nature and are of youth concern, are education, training and employment, health, environment, recreation and sports, technology, gender equity for which special programs can be taken up. The challenges can be met and there are possibilities of making a difference, if these issues could be tackled successfully when the youth are very responsive to the national challenges. Only thing they need is proper guidance, training and opportunities to channelize their energies.

The main objectives of these programs should be to offer a wholesome, rejuvenating opportunity to urban young girls to gain first hand knowledge and to become accustomed with various approaches of life in varying situations and to impart necessary skills and techniques for the personality development of semi-urban youth. The objectives could be as follows:

o To motivate urban youth to take up social welfare and community services program on voluntary basis
at the grass root level.
o To foster friendly relations between the urban and semi-urban youth.
o To channelize and tap the potential and energy of urban young girls in constructive activities,
disseminate the knowledge acquired among community people.
o To organize and conduct collective outdoor community activities at no profit no loss basis in order to
inculcate self-discipline, self-initiative, leadership qualities, pride in Indian ness, communal harmony,
comradeship, spirit of voluntarism, co-operation, moral values, nationalism and involvement in
decision making process in the urban young girls.
o To encourage the youth to come together to share their experiences and exchange ideas.
o Creating critical awareness and understanding of social dynamics of the rural communities.
o Identification of village needs resources, initiatives and disputes..
o To provide an outlet to the youth to display their skills and creativity in various fields
o To improve gender injustice and enhance the status of women in the community.
o To create new skills among semi-urban youth through which they can become self reliant.
o To develop attitudes and skills among the semi-urban youth which will enable them to function better as
productive citizen
o To inspire prospective young entrepreneurs to learn modern methods in training and entrepreneurship
skills and enable them to tackle the problem of unemployment by equipping them to take up income
generating projects based on locally available raw materials, resources and market and help the
unemployed youth with management skills.
o To develop scientific temperament in the field of health and family and enhance the personality of
semi-urban youth

The duration of the training should depend upon the type of the program selected. Therefore, the coordinator should fix duration in consultation with concerned technical experts who shall conduct the program.

Selection of team

The leader members team shall be made in such a way that each team should comprise of 01 leader and group members who shall impart the knowledge ( and equal number of male and female youth from semi urban area who shall receive the knowledge ) as far as possible.

The activities for community work may be coordinated in three phases-
PHASE I Training of group leaders
PHASE II Training of group members by group leaders
PHASE III Training in the community by group leaders and group members
Team members should be provided all relevant printed material and discuss about objectives, task and expected out come. During the meet, sessions like: experience sharing, team wise presentation of out come, short falls, status of action plans, etc., should be discussed.

Financial Pattern – funds can be raised by the urban youth through trivial voluntary donations or activities for-
I. conducting training program;
II. honorarium to instructor (One instructor for 20 trainees)
III. raw material for the training wherever applicable

The topics that shall be included in the activities for creating awareness and imparting life skills should be according to the needs and demands of the target area and group. Following areas can be explored as such-
a. Cinema / documentary films on the themes of national integration, social issues.
b. Health , immunization (both children & pregnant mothers), nutrition and health & hygiene and family
c. Methods of employment & income generation.
d. Awareness campaign- HIV/AIDS / venereal diseases, education of girls / adults gender equality &
female feticide, child marriage & dowry, sanitation, campaign against use of polythene bags drugs,
family life education
e. Scientific temperament building
f. Yoga
g. Manners & etiquettes
h. Counseling
i. Cutting and tailoring
j. Traditional handicrafts of the area.
k. Tailoring /embroidery / Patch Work / Mirror Work / Fabric painting / Block Printing / / Batik Printing /
bandhej etc.
l. Food Processing / Preservation / healthy cooking / balanced diet
m. Puppet Making / stuffed toys making

Evaluation of the program –

To measure the impact and the achievement of objectives of the program, evaluation at the beginning, middle and end of the program should be conducted by the Coordinator and a final report made on the basis of the same. The differences would be observed in not only the life skills of rural youth but also the
Personality and communication skills of the urban youth.

A minimum fund and quality interest and planning can be helpful in developing rural youth skill building and national development. Only thing required is a step towards this field.

Dr. Jyoti Gaur