I remember the first time I encountered the game Dungeons & Dragons. It was on a bus trip to Washington, DC with the boys’ choir I was a member of. Some of the older kids had brought it along, and the way they spoke about it, made it seem real. Soon after I got back, I bought my own copy of the game – the basic version, it came in a box, with a manual and sample campaign.

Later I bought some of the hardcover books, some other campaigns, etc. I had a small collection of the little figurines – there was a guy in State College who was an expert painting them, just absolutely the finest detail. A real artisan. I tried it myself, but I just didn’t have the patience.

I really didn’t have patience for the game either, or maybe it was that I didn’t have friends who had the patience – it really takes a number of like-minded individuals to make something like that come alive; because it’s really just about imagination. It’s ironic that a game like that came along just as computer games were starting to spring up.

Anyhow, the castle here is something I made. It was an insert in Dragon Magazine, you had to cut out all the pieces, and glue them together. It has traveled everywhere I’ve lived, but sadly, I’ve never given it a proper home. It spent many a year tucked away in an attic or basement. It’s got a layer of dust that adds something to the character of it.

Or should I say, charisma

Posted by elston on 2006-03-25 22:27:57

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