Can I Negotiate How Much I Have To Pay For Shipping?

Can I Negotiate How Much I Have To Pay For Shipping?
Most people think that the prices they are quoted for courier services are set in stone. This isn’t the case at all. As with many business to business services there is a certain amount of flexibility in almost all courier prices that the delivery companies quote to you. If you think that you could be getting a better deal from a New York courier service but like the customer service they give you so want to keep your business with them, it is worth trying to negotiate a better rate for your shipping.

If you want to start trying to get a better rate on your shipping, you should be sure to broach the subject of negotiating on your prices with the courier company. You might need to ask your regular representative who has the authority to negotiate on prices. You may need to speak to a manager or owner in order to do this, and should ask as soon as you can to find out who you need to direct your inquiry to.

Once you know who to talk to, you can broach the subject of paying less for your shipping services. Most courier companies are going to at least be willing to discuss this with you. They certainly don’t want to lose your business. Unless a company is 100% certain that they offer the lowest possible prices on courier services in the region, they cannot afford to dismiss someone that is shopping around to find better prices on courier service.

When you are trying to negotiate a shipping rate, you will have a higher rate of success if you have something to offer the courier company in return for a discount. A good example is when a company is about to expand. This is a perfect time for a company to try and negotiate a rate, as you can promise the courier your increased business in return for a preferred rate on their services.

Another thing to keep in mind is your goal in these types of negotiations. There isn’t much to be gained by negotiating a saving on a single shipment, no matter how large it may be. What you want to negotiate is the standard rate that you pay for shipping with the company. They may offer to offer you a preferred rate or discount that applies to all of your shipping. Even if this is a small amount, the difference will really add up over the course of a year.

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