Calendar for December

Calendar for December

Hi everybody: I have really been going through pangs of missing Flickr, my Flickr friends and time to browse around all of your wonderful photos.

My computer recently bit the dust — kaput — totally fried. I am now saving for a new computer. Unfortunately right around the same time my little Canon Powershot, which is/was my only camera, also decided to pack it in. So I no longer have a reliable camera or a computer with which to process my photos and browse the internet.

I can occasionally use Tim’s computer when he brings it home, and for awhile I had the use of Gabe’s laptop (he took it back to Portland with him, where I’m sure he’ll use it to do great things) but for now, I will be taking a break from my usual Flickr activities. I’ll be on every now and then for a few minutes.

To everyone I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the last 2+ years on flickr, thanks for all the photos you share. And for your friendship. See you around flickr soon.

Posted by MaureenShaughnessy on 2006-11-27 21:23:03

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