B&W (Beard and Wrinkle)

B&W (Beard and Wrinkle)

Taken for the Active Assignment Weekly! group. This week’s assignment: The World In Black & White

I went for the dare here, and also went for the brutal truth (close-up with a macro lens; original resolution provided ). But the best you can do about it is LAUGH. At least your teeth are never yellow in BW…

What it took: Connected cam on a tripod to the computer and used Liveview to get my live picture on the computer creen were I would control focus and composition. Lit by my two 500 W halogen lamps directly below and above the camera. Turned off any noise reduction in order to get interesting film like grain but was surprised how little that grain/noise actually was at ISO 800.

Posted by Prozac74 on 2009-03-07 20:17:37

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