I’m now sharing these books with fellow students via bookabooka! – a great online service that was recently attacked by the Finnish antipiracy lobby.

Sure, my first edition copy of "Logic and computer design fundamentals" by Mano and Kime is more than twelve years old, but in pristine condition, still perfectly relevant and still recommended reading for the course. Why pay $100 for the shiny 4th edition hardback? Just rent my copy for 1€ per month and you’ll pass the course. It’s doing nothing on my shelf but gather dust, so why not share it. The only thing I need from it is the ASCII character code table, and you know, I’ve already copied that. Yeah, what a nasty pirate I am.

Other books here:
Computer Networking – A top down approach featuring the internet, Kurose & Ross
Data structures and algorithm analysis in Java, Mark Weiss

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Posted by wstryder on 2009-04-28 20:00:44

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