Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test

Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test
From Hangzhou Blue Xingxincailiao Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University Study and Research for Development, with completely independent intellectual property rights of float glass, transparent conductive film online recently in the company’s third-line float
The industrial testing, with industry conditions, and amorphous silicon thin film solar cells as a substrate of glass on the market, technologies and products to fill the domestic blank.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is the difference in float glass production line of tin bath and annealing kiln, using chemical vapor deposition coating process, the coating material in the gas jet to heat evenly, clean, High-speed pull attracted onto float glass surface, gaseous material under high temperature in the glass surface transport, decomposition, diffusion, deposition film, and film atomic composition of solid and glass combination covalent bond. Of the respective multi-layer barrier coating layer and the conductive layer to form a “glass / multi-layer barrier layer / multi-layer conductive film,” sandwich-type composite membrane, with the response regulator and regulator to adjust the haze of the film’s surface resistance and conductivity Haze.
Transparent conductive film glass float line can be a large area, the advantages of large-scale continuous stable production is very obvious, which is amorphous silicon thin film solar cell market has gradually become the mainstream of the important reasons. Float glass is a transparent conductive film glass substrate, coated with multilayer films and conductive features to achieve its stability, the largest production area of more than 5 square meters, is a monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells area several times.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is not only low cost, high chemical resistance, hardness, good stability and high conductivity, visible through the high surface roughness of the film can easily control the formation of a certain texture and haze, to meet the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells on thin film transparent electrode material requirements.
Currently use the float process to online production of SnO2 transparent conductive film glass company only Japan Plate Glass (NSG) Corporation, the United States AFG company, from the use of effect, the Japanese board Glass (NSG) the company’s product is better than the United States AFG companies that supply China production of amorphous silicon solar cell company price is very high. So Blue Star developed transparent conductive film glass production technology is of great significance, not only to make transparent conductive film SnO2 glass product localization, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, fill technology gaps, but also to the glass industry of solar energy quickly into the conductive substrate advanced in the world.

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