BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

Who else is struggling to turn a profit online? Are you finding it difficult to focus on one thing? Does the temptation to jump from idea to idea compel you to NEVER finish one project from start to finish? If you said yes…the simple truth is, you are NOT alone. In my experience, there is NO bigger enemy of achievement than maniac marketing movements that most of us make from one market to the next…one idea to the next…and one “plan” to the next, without ever really seeing anything through from start to finish.

My solution? It actually sounds a bit “bipolar” on paper…but in reality, it makes PERFECT sense…and is a great way to incorporate everything you’ve learned, while still staying focused on one thing.

Here is the idea in 2 words or less.


What does it signify?

Isolate the ONE thing you are best at. Or most passionate about. Or…simply KNOW you can make money from because you already are. Isolate that…and make that the center of your online universe. It can be a service. (like life coaching or fitness or a blog on raw food advice) It can be an ebook or ecourse on any topic. It can be a single squeeze page…or a single static review page that sells affiliate products. It really doesn’t matter…as long as you decide to ISOLATE that one idea, and invest all of your time, energy and effort into making it profitable.


Integrate EVERYTHING you’ve learned about driving traffic, keyword selection, monetization and otherwise into a cohesive and comprehensive plan to accommodate that one idea. that means writing articles like this. Writing press releases and link bait. Creating feeder sites, social networking submissions and viral video. Tweeting, friending, sharing and squeezing EVERY strategy you know of to compel, cajole and coerce as MANY people as possible to interact with your content…PERIOD.

Does it work?

Absolutely! You can leverage ALL sorts of strategies very successfully as LONG as you first isolate the ONE thing you know will make your money. Most people, unfortunately…do the “integrate” step FAR too early…and end up wasting too much time, energy and INCOME without ever having a sustainable plan to profit from it. (and if that sounds like you…you CAN turn it around in a hurry. Starting today.)

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