2008 April 18 – This is my 2nd repair attempt on a different pair of headphones, the Bijou (Hamtaro) headphone jack repair / mod. More pics later…maybe. It didn’t come out quite as I’d envisioned, so I may try to redo it later.

1) Melted one of the black rubber insulator bits on the plug (too much heat while I was struggling to solder the plug). Had to pull it off or the plug wouldn’t go into the jack. The right channel is a bit hit or miss depending on the system but works perfect on my laptop, work computer, handhelds and mp3 player. Just not my computer speakers. Go figure.

2) Interior soldering job is pretty crap, I couldn’t tin the original earphone wires for the life of me. I don’t think even rosin would have helped, there’s too much leftover gunk from burning off the insulation (?). The connection seems solid after squashing all the wires together, though, and I managed to keep the wires insulated from each other to boot. 😛

3) Soldering the original wires directly to the stripped plug proved impossible.

I figured attaching "helper wires" to the plug might help. But what kind of wire? Stripping 24 gauge stranded copper speaker wire (it’s what I have), taking two pliers and twisting the wire together tightly made the best kind. Take a couple inches of that, tin the ends, attach to one of the leftover blobs of solder on the plug.

Do this three times for the three areas (tip, ring, sleeve). Now you’ve got "handles" to twist the original wires onto.

If only I’d figured this out before trashing the plug’s black insulation with way too much heat. (The rubber squished out so I had to remove it or I couldn’t insert the plug into a jack.)

4) Bijou (Hamuko?) the hamster is sawn off the top of a Pez-like candy dispenser that I’d been hanging on to for years. Holes were made and cleaned with Dremel "high speed" cutters. She’s hollow, low-density and tough–the ideal decorative 3.5mm plug "handle"!

5) A respiratory mask is absolutely necessary during all stages of working on this. Gives some add’l protection from dust and fumes.

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