Best Facebook Statuses and Funny Facebook Quotes

Best Facebook Statuses and Funny Facebook Quotes

Facebook easily ranks among the top most online sites for social networking today. It efficiently interconnects millions of registered users throughout the entire world. As brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook was initially launched with the name of “Face smash”. Today, Facebook offers diversified variety of interactive applications, stimulating features and popular games, to registered members. Registration is free and voluntary. Every individual who agrees to register an account with Facebook as a site member is then provided with a personal home page, which is commonly referred to as his or her ‘Facebook wall’.

Facebook provides abundant wall space to each member, where they can explicitly talk about any and everything that comes to their mind. Above all, they can use the wall to post their ‘best facebook statuses and funny facebook quotes’. They can also use the wall to communicate with and share their firsthand experiences as well as feelings with other chosen Facebook members. Each member is entitled to enlist whomsoever he or she pleases to have as an accepted Facebook friend. Declining a ‘friend request’ is not an offence or thought of as rude. Members are free to spam those they find overbearing.

Best facebook statuses and funny facebook quotes entail various status updates which are mainly expected by their user to create a spirit of fun and joy. They are expected to primarily amuse, but may equally serve to entice your friends or other Facebook members to post their “Like” or any comment which they may consider worth making on your statuses. This activity initially triggers interaction between two concerned members, but it also simultaneously encourages other friends or invited Facebook members to join the online group.

Posting best facebook statuses and funny facebook quotes is a funny old game. It is certainly important to let all your friends know how you got home from a late night party, especially if they are also aware that you may have had a drink too many for the road. But if you are totally fed up with these typically old Facebook statuses, find something that inspires you more.

Best facebook statuses are essential for keeping in close touch with family and friends. While funny facebook quotes serve as the best way to inspire or make your friends on Facebook happy, or even give them a good laugh, for a change.

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