Being Poor Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Rich Later

Being Poor Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Rich Later

You, and you alone, are responsible for where you are today.

Remember the quote that says, Poverty is not a hindrance to success. Absolutely true enough.

There are many stories about people who worked hard and gave it their all, and eventually became successful because of it. These stories inspire us, and give us hope that we can reach any goal and overcome any obstacle. In fact, the more dire the initial circumstances when compared with their current wealth, the more inspiring the story.

Many successful people don’t remotely fit the stereotypes of the wealthy — they didn’t grow up privileged, they didn’t have special connections, and in many cases they didn’t go to great schools. However, what they do have in common is their dedication and hard work. There’s no two ways about it; earning wealth takes effort. If you wait around for wealth to find you, you’ll never be a success; but if you start working now, and view poverty as an asset instead of a liability, nothing can stop you from achieving all your goals.

There are people who always make an excuse that they are born poor that is why there is no way for them to become successful or become wealthy. Thinking precisely that way is already a failure. People who always think about poverty will often end up having it. If you always think of poverty, you will soon have it. That is how powerful our minds are. What we are thinking today, are the things will happen tomorrow. Just imagine of the things that we see everyday.

Our minds are very powerful tools, and shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re not convinced, just consider the world we live in. Roads, cars, language … these were all products of human imaginations. Someone imagined a car, and worked towards making that car a reality. A car would never have just appeared out of the blue; wealth is the same way. If you don’t visualize it and want it, you’ll never get it. If you focus your thoughts on being poor, the odds are that you will remain poor; but if you focus your thoughts on being rich, you can start taking steps to make the wealth you’ve been dreaming about a reality. A negative, disbelieving attitude is the main reason why so many people who think they want to be rich never even come close to achieving that dream.

Let us make a jobless person as an example. If that person does not find ways how to land a job, he will never find a job; but if he has the determination to land a job, he is going to land one. If he has a dream, he will achieve it if he always think about it. If he always think about it, he will find ways how to get it. If he always picture himself driving a new car or sleeping in a comfortable bed in a lovely big house, he will soon have it. Of course, he will also need to have the proper knowledge and ways on how to become wealthy. But things will come easy and follow if he always think of success all the time.

That is why poverty is never a hindrance to success. If hard work and positive thinking are always put in mind and work, the rest will follow and things will fall in the right places.

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