Beautiful Memories

Beautiful Memories

When our very first desktop computer was toast, I took it apart because I was always curious what was inside a computer and what made them work. It was very interesting to me and I still take computers (and other electronic devices) apart to this day. It’s almost therapy to me.

One of the unexpected delights is to find components which are actually beautiful, such as these RAM chips from the motherboard of a computer. I’m not sure how many people would actually agree with me, but if you consider all the basic artistic elements and principles which are present — Pattern, Repetition, Unity, Variety, Lines, Shapes, Textures, Form, Colors and Value — you have one hell of a piece of artwork here! All for free! In an old computer!

Now. I was holding these in my hand and I fell in love with them. I know they’re just computer parts and were never intended to be art forms.

Or were they? Somewhere there has to be a team of designers who put a bit of themselves in the layout of the conductive lines which connected the silicon chips to one another, who knew they would create patterns like a network of streets through a miniature city. They had to have known that the gold dots and contact points would simply gleam in the right light, and I’ll bet there are photos hung in the laboratories from which the designs of these beautiful chips emerged that are admired every day with love and pride.
If these were your work, how could you not admire them?

So instead of tossing them into the wastebasket, I carefully cleaned the dust from them with a camel-hair brush, put them into a small ziplock bag and added it to my collection of things to photograph someday. Then on May 11, 2020, I found some time to spend with my camera, so I put these onto my Darkbox and began to play with the light. I wound up with this exposure… ISO 64, F32 with a full 5 seconds on the shutter. Worth doing! And worth noting that art truly IS in the eye of the beholder, and as such, can be found anywhere one chooses to look… especially in an old computer about to be thrown away!

NOTE: These chips are what you buy when you want to ‘upgrade to more RAM for your computer.’ It always great to buy as many of these as you can afford, because your computer will be a bit faster with the more RAM you add. For those not familiar, ‘RAM’ stands for ‘Random Access Memory’ and refers to the working memory you use during your computer session. It’s ‘volatile memory’ because unlike memory written to a flash drive or a hard disk drive, the memory is lost the instant you shut your computer off.

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