Beacon Theater – Hopewell,VA

Beacon Theater -  Hopewell,VA

Welcome to the Beacon Theater. Built by the Knights of Pythias (a fraternal order that promotes peace around the globe) in 1926 but Non operational since the early 70’s. The top floor though has been renovated for conferences, etc. I want to apologize for the lack of quality in these photos. I was shooting with the camera that I dropped and the viewfinder and lcd screen are both busted up so I didn’t really know what I captured until I got it home on the computer. Also,I was working in conditions that were the most filthy yet. If I barely moved I would kick up tons of dust. I had no source of real light to see by as only the hall lights leading into the theater worked. I relied on my camera phone light to see in most instances.(I never claimed to be good at what I do. I just enjoy what I do). I had a blast though. What with hearing organ music playing when I was in a building completely locked up (no organ was in the building by the way)and a door opening and slamming shut. I had quite a time.

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