back porch computing

back porch computing

Went to a yardsale, found a box of computer stuff for $5, couldn’t resist. That’s a Gateway machine that was likely given up due to a) the flatscreen that was with it has a picture but is pretty much toast; b) no one bothered to upgrade the RAM so while it can handle 2gb it contains 512mb; c) you would not believe the quantity of crapware that was installed, causing this Pentium-4 2.4ghz machine to run like a Pentium-1 75mhz. Everything else about the computer is very functional, if you don’t count the previous owner either speaking or attempting to learn Korean so there’s a wee bit much Hangul in random places. A tweak to the Language control panel removed the most obvious bits.

It’s on my back porch not only because I didn’t want to drag it inside yet — there was a quarter inch thick layer of dust and lint inside. I vacuumed this out as best as I could before I powered it on, and grey chunks kept flying out of the chip fan and heatsink.


Posted by TheDamnMushroom on 2013-06-05 09:26:05

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