Are You Perceived As Transparent in Your Realtor Mentor Coaching Program?

Are You Perceived As Transparent in Your Realtor Mentor Coaching Program?

What is not understood is feared. One of the key’s to having a highly successful coaching program is being completely transparent. People in all independent professions including Realtors are searching for leadership, especially in this questionable economy. Everyone wants the guidance and advice of someone who has been where they are, and has arrived where they want to be. Mentoring is as old as the human race, is one of the most basic concepts in humanity.

One thing that will tarnish even a highly regarded mentor and bring their image and their income crashing down in a matter of nanoseconds is deception. After seeing that word your mind may have instantly gone to the currently politicians or superstars all over television. I only have one thing to say about that, you don’t have their publicity budget, so forget about it. Also, please don’t get controversial confused with deceptive. If it is your demeanor to do so, feel free to be a controversial Realtor mentor, sure some people will hate you, but others will be devout fans.

What is important is that if you are going to maintain a long-term leadership position as a Realtor mentor you must show your true colors. Don’t pretend that you excel in any area of your business if you do not. Just focus on teaching what you are great at. Fess up to your trials and tribulations over the years. Admit if you outsource certain activities and let your clients know if you are experimenting with something new in your business and unsure of the outcome.

Often clients (especially when you are coaching professionals within your own field) will figure it out anyway, or sense that something isn’t quite right. They will almost always appreciate your honesty and courage for being upfront and showing them “everything”. Although we want to be mentored by someone who has already overcome the challenges we are encountering we also need to be able to relate to them and transparency in your mentoring company allows this to happen.

I owned a coaching company for independent financial advisors and it took a little while to realize that the more we shared about ourselves, personal and professional the more comfortable our clients were. That doesn’t mean that you need to share every detail of your personal life, but it certainly does mean that you should share the personal reasons why you make certain business decisions and the thoughts, fears, challenges, triumphs and successes you experience in your personal career as a Realtor each day.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

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