Aqeri 31002

Aqeri 31002

Aqeri 31002 is our latest High Performance vehicle and industry computer with an IntelĀ® Mobile Core2Duo processor. The computer is specially designed to withstand the rough treatment a computer usually is exposed to in vehicles and heavy industry worldwide. It is resistant to elements as dust, shocks, vibrations, moist, strong heat and cold. It has built in intelligent against spikes, reversed polarity, function for remote on/off and safe shutdown. The computer has a climate control for heating and cooling and warning system for over heat and under cold.

> Fanless mulitfunctional computer with expansion possiblities
> Designed for vehicle and industry use
> Extended temperature range -20 to +55 degrees operating
> Designed for harsh environments
> Small form factor


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Posted by Aqeri on 2010-10-27 19:51:31

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